city life

imagery with its own memory

Sunny Side Up, 30x40 Just want to Float Away, 40x60 POW!, 40x60 Chasing Love, 24x24 It Whisper of Light, 40x30 Pursuit of the Dream, 30x24 She Place of Peace, 24x48 Making a Wish, 30x40 Comparing Stories, 30x30 Sparkling Day, 30x30 Daily Excitement, 36x48 Gift of Love, 30x30 Wish for Release, 30x40 Reaching for a Kiss, 24x24 To the Rescue, 24x48 Escape Plan, 24x24 How Her day was Spent, 30x40 Sharing Secrets, 30x40 Contemplative Paddle, 24x24