city life

imagery with its own memory

You Belong to Me, 30x30, SOLD She Runs Wild, 24x48, SOLD Can Pushbutton Magic, 36x48, SOLD Inspired Life, 36x48 Following Her Path, 40x40 Sunny Side Up, 30x40 Chasing the Dream, 24x48, SOLD Singing, 24x48 New Era, 30x40 Place of Peace, 24x48 Keep Rolling Along, 24x48 Calling Her Name, 40x30 Birds on a Wire, 30x60 Pursuit, 40x30 Herald Her Arrival, 40x30, SOLD In His thoughts, 40x40 Diving into Life, 30x30 Ready to Race, 30x24, SOLD Daydream Walk, 40x40, $3100 Catching Her Eye, 30x60